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December 11, 2010
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Labels Hurt by linawifeofL Labels Hurt by linawifeofL

Labels Hurtby linawifeofL

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That shit fucks you up, bro.

But seriously...every time you take any aspect of your life and you try to cram it into a little tiny box of definition, it can really keep you from expanding on who you truly are because no label defines just what anybody is perfectly. I know I'm a pain in the ass to label. I'll never hesitate to call myself a dyke because I am masculine and I do have a great love for all the lovely ladies out there, but if I met a guy who was really special and felt that we could pursue a happy relationship together I would go for that. Would I call myself bisexual then? No, I hate that word. It does not define who I am. Then I've always been so conflicted with religion and spirituality. Am I Pagan, am I Agnostic, am I Atheistic? All of them and none of them, I cannot label that. None of that defines who I am or how I feel accurately.

Labels will never be enough to describe exactly what we feel, it's like taking a hundred different hues of blue and calling them all "blue" when they clearly aren't all the same. When you can't find that exact label it's painful and frustrating. "What am I?" "Is there something wrong with me?" "I don't feel exactly like this but it's the closest I have to defining me." It's confusing because we can't figure out exactly who we are and disappointing because it means we will never be able to live up to the expectations of this label or that label. Labels aren't helpful and they aren't worth it.

We are us. It's as simple as that.
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Sheldon-clone Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
Dyke is a word tha combines the two concepts 'masculine' and 'female', and trying to find out whetever someone is a dyke or not, is acceptable if you are interested in having a relationship with someone who is...Or don't like dykes (as in being in a relationship with one). But it is unacceptable to ask if you don't have a valid reason, if you don't have anything to gain by knowing the answer.

For example, meeting someone whom you think are kinda cool and you want to have as a friend, but then asking whetever they are Atheist/Pagan/Christian and then choose not to befriend them if they are one of those thing and you another of those things.
Those things do not determine the quality of a friendship, there would be nothing to gain by asking.
If they're cool then they're cool, and that's all that matters.
lollirotfest Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I dislike them only because most people do not know what they mean and they'll take the cake from the antiside point of view and not the wise point of view putting everything into one piece. I really only use them to describes interest blocks or clothing alone and NOT personalities.
I get the term nerdy goth, have always had the same one too and I feel too old for this stuff these days! :)

Thus I agree with this stamp exactly though, because this explains it. They cause lots of disappointment and confusion.
I-Take-It-Back Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2010
Labels does not cause disappoint and confusions for me.
ayame18 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Agreed. It's getting tiring when people make up dumb labels or still use the ones from the past that make no sense. :shrug:

Thank you for sharing your stamp with the community.
CareBearKidd Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree!
I gave up on labels a long time ago and can't help but my roll my eyes when other people try to define themselves and others through them.
It's, like, why? . w.
Jillianimal Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Labels are inevitable.
CareBearKidd Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Doesn't mean you have to change yourself to match them. <:3
Doesn't mean you gotta listen to other people who throw them onto you.
Jillianimal Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Course not, unfortunately there will always be people who do just that.
MarshmallowBunni Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010
I'm blonde. You can think of the labels and tags I get. :/
i-stamp Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2010
Labels are essentially generalizations. And I'm really tired of generalizations being demonized so much. Our language, and our brain's method of sorting information, demands generalizations. We use generalizations to cover a wide body of information--let's say like a filing cabinet--and then individual variations within that general category--like files.
The problem comes when people think that there's only one file in a filing cabinet, or who think that individual files can't be moved here or there when necessary. This doesn't mean generalizations are useless. A lot of things that are 'generally true' are 'generally true,' meaning true with exceptions.
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